THE COVE : Promotional piece

The Project
Started out with the idea of a short teaser style video. The main concept centered around a monster reveal in an sceren enviornment. 
The length to completion was somewhere around 3 weeks. The initial concept and matte painting help immensly with time scaling.
The initial start of the project took place in Photoshop after playing around with ideas on the layout and matching it with the implied story. I also decide to render water with reflections with Maya's Mental Ray and add that to the layout in Photoshop. 
Once that was done I broke up the elements from each other and prepared them for animation in Aftereffects.
Once in Aftereffects I added depth from layering and camera work. Compositing and color balance as well lens flares along with some additional visual elements and animations to finalize the compositions presentation.
Finally I brought all the shots into Adobe Premiere for some sound design and the completion the project..